Demons (Bands)


Formed in 2007 by 2 of the 4 founding members of Thou.
The band released a split and appeared in some compilation, opening gigs for bands like Horna.

BARGHEST has recently finished their debut album that will be out very soon in vinyl (via Gilead Media), CD (via Odious Recordings), tape (via Mistress Dance Records). Odious Recordings will make some T-Shirts and pacthes.

For fans of raw and hateful, traditional Black Metal.
For interviews, reviews, etc…  contact us (Odious Recordings) or the band.


Göatfukk came to life as the desire to forge a dirty, crusty black metal/punk hybrid, by J. (Corpus Christii, Theriomorphic, Alchemist), J.S. (Dawnrider, Alchemist, Utopium) and VSC (D.O.R., Murmúrio) in September 2010.

Later joined by Wanderer (Decayed), the band recorded their debut EP "Procession of Forked Tongues", a tribute to old school black metal bands such as Hellhammer/Bathory and early crust punk bands like Doom/Discharge, a tribute to the old school without sounding like a washed up cover band, lyrically fuelled by the hatred and disrespect for christianity.

Early 2011, Göatfukk inked a deal with Odious Recordings which is set do release their debut, mastered by Fernando Matias (F.E.V.E.R.). Expect to see Göatfukk vandalizing a stage near you!

Some merchandising (T-Shirts, Patches...) will done at the same time of the CD.


INFUNERAL was formed in Sweden in2002.
After 3 demos the first album entitled “Sepulchral Monument” was released in 2007 by Ironfist Production.
Live rituals were performed during this period with bands such as Ondskapt, Valkyrja, Lord Belial, Trident and IXXI among others.
In January 2011 INFUNERAL's second album “Torn From The Abyss” was released by Blackcrowned Records.
The mCD “A Scent Of Death”  was released by Odious Recordings this month (March), and feature great material that didn't fit in on the Torn From The Abyss album.
Line up:

Grave - Guitar, Vocals (Ondskapt)
Casket - Drums